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Everhaze launch AI Content Assist

Today, we launch our new AI content assist feature which utilises Open AI's GPT-3 technology to help our PR clients accelerate their content creation processes. It is the latest feature we have rolled out as part of our efforts to create seamless content assistance for our clients which we hope will supercharge the PR industry into the AI era.

The PR industry has long been known as a laggard when it comes to technology adoption so we have made it our mission to help our clients catch up. *With the emergence of new technologies, public relations professionals are looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve and make their work more efficient. One of the most exciting new tools to hit the market is the AI GPT-3 content assist tool for the PR management platform Everhaze. This tool will revolutionise how public relations professionals do their job and what it means for media relations in the future.

GPT-3 is a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) system developed by OpenAI. It is designed to generate natural language from a given prompt. This means that it can be used to generate content that is tailored to a specific audience or purpose. For Everhaze, this means that public relations professionals can use GPT-3 to quickly generate content that is tailored to their clients' needs. This can save time and money, as well as improve the quality of the content that is produced.

The implications of GPT-3 for media relations are huge. With GPT-3, public relations professionals can create content that is tailored to the media outlets they are targeting. This means that they can create content that is more likely to be accepted by the media outlets, thus increasing the chances of success.

Additionally, GPT-3 can help public relations professionals craft content that is more likely to be shared and seen by the public. This can help to increase the reach of their clients' messages and improve their overall public relations efforts.

AI won't replace PR professionals but it can enable us spend more time on higher value tasks and continue to add better value for our clients.

*highlighted text was created by GPT-3 using Everhaze.