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GDPR for PR agencies - how to keep your date safe

All PR agencies are facing the same problem these days. How do they keep their media and other contacts' data safe while also maintaining efficiency? Software such as Excel, Google Suite and Mail Merge are effective but they can make agencies vulnerable to GDPR breaches given the wide range of access these tools allow.

When you have hundreds or thousands of contacts across a dozen or more spreadsheets it's not possible to track and secure your data. It's rather inevitable that emails can be sent to the wrong people or other peoples contact information sent to others instead of just the intended recipient. Then there is the nightmare scenario. You become aware that a staff member downloaded a contact list and brought them to a rival agency. By law you must declare the breach and everything that entails.

Everhaze allows you to create your own secure contact database through a centralised platform that helps you manage access and processing of your contact data. You can centrally run media, speaker, award, newsletter campaigns and more from one secure source. Everhaze provides a number of features that not only streamline PR procedures but also increase data security and decrease the likelihood of a GDPR breach. By improving workflows you can eliminate the potential for errors when processing data and limit download access without compromising on effectiveness or efficiency.

"Everhaze allows you to create your own secure contact database"

In addition, by ensuring the health and wellbeing of your own database you can improve results. Everhaze enables you to easily identify bounced contacts, add or update existing contacts and add relevant insights with contacts permission. You can even blacklist contacts who are no longer open to communication. It allows you to keep data focused and clean which is one of the major factors in GDPR compliance. Having this level of control and depth of information on contacts means that time and effort are saved.

GDPR is a fact of life, all companies are having to adapt their work habits to fall in line with regulations. Everhaze offers a holistic solution, keeping all data and all processes in one place, making being GDPR compliant less of a chore while also facilitating more efficient and effective workflow.

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