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Case Study - Manage crises with ease

With most agencies adopting remote or hybrid work, team collaboration has suffered with individual team members working to their own schedules and tasks. When sickness strikes it can cause chaos especially when urgent campaigns are due.

Everhaze has been designed to increase team collaboration for remote and hybrid teams by combining client information, content and campaign management as well as tracking information in one easily accessible place for your team.

When illness or crisis strikes your team, Everhaze enables you to respond quickly and effectively from Agency Director to Account Executive level.

Flying Fish's Journey

Flying Fish, a 15 strong agency in Ireland, was recently impacted by Covid-19 with 3 members of its team struck down by the illness across a week long period in May of 2022.

With an Account Manager and two Account Executives out of action suddenly, the Agency Director had to quickly ascertain the campaign and actions to take.

With the latest press releases already approved, media lists created, progress reports updated, outstanding media opportunities logged and all the relevant client contact information on Everhaze, the Agency Director could take charge on the outstanding campaigns quickly and easily maintained five campaigns despite his team being struck down all at the same time.

The centralised nature of Everhaze ensured the show went on with ease despite the multitude of campaigns and other plates spinning that week.

In total:

  • Paul distributed 3 drafted and approved press releases awaiting distribution

  • Followed up with 7 media opportunities that were being handled by the team

  • Made zero phone calls to his sick team members

  • Spent zero time looking through folders, lists or email threads for updates, opportunities that needed to be managed or client contact details

  • Left updates in each clients progress section for his team when they returned from their absence