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Case Study - Mind your contacts and your contacts will mind you

By maintaining an accurate and effective media database your agency can become more effective in securing consistent media coverage increasing client retention and reducing campaign rework. Where in the past bounces have had to be manually recorded or simply ignored, with Everhaze you can maximise your media contacts and increase your content to coverage ratio.

Turnover of staff in newsrooms and media outlets has become increasingly common meaning maintaining the right contacts has become increasingly difficult. With Everhaze, your media lists are directly linked to your inbox so in the event where a contact bounces Everhaze will alert you and that contact to the "Not Verified" section of the Research area.

ClearStory's journey

One agency partner of ours, ClearStory International in Europe, used Everhaze to double the coverage count of a recent client press release by identifying bounced contacts on their mailing list across three countries, correcting them and redistributing the release in less than 30 minutes.

"when you mind your contacts, they mind you back."

In May, 2022, ClearStory created a media list of 61 health reporters across Ireland, the UK and Switzerland for the distribution of a health focused product launch press release.

The media contact details had been provided by a third party and 30% of the contacts bounced. The relevant Account Executive was alerted to the high bounce rate and visited the "Not Verified" research section on Everhaze. Within 30 minutes they had replaced 16 out of the 20 bounced journalists' contact details and redistributed the release using the intergrated content management system securing an additional 3 pieces of coverage for their client in The Irish Times, Financial Times and Channel News Asia.

In total:

  • 16 additional contacts were added to ClearStory International's own media database

  • 3 additional pieces of coverage were secured that added an AVE of €112,500 to the campaign

  • More than 1,000,000 reach was added to the campaign KPI's

  • 1 additional top tier outlet took the story

Proving - when you mind your contacts, they mind you back.