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Case Study - Opportunities are hard to come by - make sure you are tracking yours

Solid media opportunities can be hard to come by in the world of the 24 hour news cycle where journalists' attention is constantly being competed for. As such, keeping on top of hard won opportunities across a multitude of clients can make the difference between success and failure for a campaign.

Everhaze easily allows you to track all of your clients opportunities across all stages from engagement to pending pieces so you can track conversions and gather insights on how quickly your team is converting opportunities.

A customer journey

Our customer has a team of 18 managing social and PR content for their wide range of large clients across a multitude of sectors. With several of their clients attracting a large volume of inbound media queries, keeping track of the volume of requests provided our customer with a significant opportunity management task in order to leverage these media contacts for future campaigns.

Using Everhaze, our customer began centrally tracking the volume and details of inbound queries for the large brands they had retained. Over a three month period they collected more than 37 opportunities for their clients and placed the interested contacts in a holding pattern for news ensuring they could strategically approach future campaigns depending on outlet fit while maintaining relationships with other interested journalists.

Our customer also created new media lists for their client adding interested journalists to a specific distribution list maximising their content reach by targeting relevant contacts.

In total:

  • 37 opportunities were created and tracked by our customer over 3 months for their client

  • It enabled our customer to explore strategic options with their clients for future news annoucements

  • They created new lists for distribution using the 37 new contacts that had approached them for comment and client news.