We empower PR teams to reach their full potential. Our suite of PR software solutions – comprising a comprehensive media database, AI-driven content curation, seamless campaign management, and automated reports – is tailored to maximize your PR efforts, reduce manual labour and generate higher returns on your PR investments.

With Everhaze you can:

  • Have full access to a database of 25,000 curated journalists across the UK and Ireland covering 250+ topics.
  • Media intelligence across 2,000+ outlets
  • Leverage the latest advances in AI to help you curate your targeted content
  • Manage all of your campaigns, coverage, media opportunities and insights in one platform.
  • Manage your team objectives, KPI's and progress in one easy to use platform.
  • Generate coverage books for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with team members on all PR activities.

How we work has changed. Providing a remote collaborative environment has never been more important to ensure your team is leveraging its knowledge base and moving together to achieve your agency and team goals