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Join the hundreds of PR Professionals, adopting our next gen PR software solutions. With real time verified media contacts, AI assisted content generation, curated coverage reports and more.

Everhaze is the complete platform for agencies, teams and freelancers

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Our Solutions

Media Database

Build your own database with your own or Everhaze contacts. Use what you need with no additional charge.

  • Select from 100,000+ contacts across 52 countries
  • Import or manage your own media contacts
  • Use AI powered media intelligence
  • Automate detection of bounced contacts
  • Auto-create media lists
  • Ensure GDPR compliance

Campaign Management

Everhaze has created easy to use Dashboards for your team to keep easy track of all your content and linked campaigns.

  • Deadlines
  • Campaign opportunities and status
  • Editorial conversion time
  • Client and campaign contacts
  • Upcoming pitch and press releases

Content Creation

Produce, organise and share all of your content centrally on Everhaze.

  • Share and edit content with team members and clients
  • Set deadlines
  • Manage your own content queue
  • Set editing rights
  • Leave comments and insights for team members
  • View version history
  • Create all forms of content

Meet our AI Assistant

Everhaze's AI powered content assistant enables you to move quickly in pursuit of your PR goals

  • Generate coverage report summaries
  • Create first drafts of press releases, pitches, op-eds and email Q&A's

Coverage Reports & Analytics

Track all of your coverage results with Everhaze and build easy to download reports for your clients or campaigns. With insights on readership, demographics, tiering, domain authority and more, Everhaze makes generating coverage reports instantaneous.

  • Create coverage reports
  • Track and log media coverage and opportunities
  • Download CSV and Excel files with historic data
  • Track team, client and campaign data