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Our Solutions

Create and easily maintain your own media database

Tired of poor data from third parties and managing messy excel sheets for your media contacts. Now you can have your own centrally managed media contacts database with Everhaze.

  • Customise media intelligence and insights for use in campaigns

  • Automate the removal of bounced contacts on your lists

  • Auto generate media list creation based on geography, topics and outlets

  • Share and copy new and existing media lists with team members

  • Use our research dashboard to manage your own media database

  • Create blacklists to ensure journalists are not contacted across your agency

Content Assist and Distribution

Using the latest AI technology, create, manage and distribute all of your content and avoid word docs, mail merges, manual follow ups or excel sheets.

  • Enable our AI content assist feature to supercharge your content creation

  • Create your client library to easily access client information

  • Fix team and individual deadlines

  • Create your own agency or individual templates

  • Distribute all pitches, press releases and other content via your campaign dashboard

  • Use our refined content distribution workflow to schedule and distribute client content quickly and effectively

  • Edit pitches to individual journalists before sending them

  • Set auto follow ups

  • Distribute on local timezones

  • Track all email distributions for a client campaign with easy to access summaries.

  • Track all open, click and responses - or discover if an email is doing the rounds in a publication

Opportunity/Coverage Tracker

Keeping track of media opportunities and coverage across your agency is a challenge. Gain insights from the hundreds or thousands of articles your agency has secured for clients from identifying key media relationships to editorial management.

  • Keep track and store all media coverage secured for your clients in one easily accessible place

  • Track and manage all inbound and outbound generated media opportunities across multiple stages

  • Track upcoming or expected dates of publication and get insights on your overall coverage conversion timelines

  • Get key metrics and reports regarding reach, readership, and tiering for your clients


Get real time agency, capacity and client insights from your Everhaze reports dashboard to assist decision making across your organisation.

  • Get comparative client reports

  • Get comparative team reports

  • Get reports on reach, readership and tiering of client coverage and opportunities

Client Management

Keep track of all of your clients campaign objectives, status, key contract dates and contact details on one centralised dashboard

  • Enable your team from top to bottom to keep track of all client campaigns with listed objectives, current status and coverage overviews via our campaign management dashboard

  • Manage all campaigns in one easy to use dashboard

  • Keep track of phone numbers, contract details and key client relationships

  • Keep track of renewal dates

  • Keep track of client KPIs and objectives