The Complete Platform for Public Relations Teams

Starting your digital transformation journey for your PR agency or team is daunting. We make it easy. Discover our next generation capabilities and unleash your team's full potential

"Only 10% of agencies plan to invest in their own internal digital operations in 2022 (ICCO, 2021)"

Our Solutions

Create your own first mover advantage

Be a first mover in the industry leveraging artificial intelligence, automation, big data and analytics to improve your team's processes and increase efficiency, profitability, staff and client retention

Increase collaboration

How we work has changed. Providing a remote collaborative environment has never been more important to ensure your team is leveraging its knowledge base and moving together to achieve your agency and team goals

"57% of PR professionals now want to work remotely and 91% seeking greater flexibility in how they work"

"33% of PR staff have suffered from work related stress rising to 50% amongst 18-34 year olds (ICCO 2021)"

Improve and monitor team capacity

PR is fast moving but your operations don’t have to be. By analysing team capacity remotely or across the office as well as streamlining workflows you can provide a more consistent environment for your team reducing stress and increasing productivity

Monitor your agency and teams core performance metrics

Everhaze enables you to monitor core performance metrics across your agency including media relations, capacity, content creation, opportunity management, coverage reach and much more. Compare historical or current campaigns across key accounts at Director to Manager level and help refine your agency model to drive better results

"With 50% of all clients regularly requesting media clippings, 43% seeking engagement metrics, 38% looking for AVE, these repeated tasks can become a drag on your resources (ICCO, 2021)"

Eliminate administration tasks

The most common requests from clients take up significant time and resources. Eliminate laborious administration tasks with Everhaze through our centralised platform so your team can focus on generating results