Everhaze Sustainability Policy


As a small, industry-leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company, at Everhaze, we're wholly committed to our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future. At all times, we aim to control our environmental impact and keep our carbon footprint at a minimum. Our scaling strategy is centred on sustainability over rapid, environmentally taxing and financially risk focused growth and is designed to uphold these values as we continue to evolve and expand.

Operational Sustainability:

Everhaze is committed to maintaining a remote work structure as we scale. Operating without the need for a brick-and-mortar office or significant physical infrastructure, we provide our team with the tools needed to maintain their operational efficiency from home reducing their carbon footprint. This allows us to drastically reduce energy, water, and waste associated with traditional office setups, thus significantly keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Supplier Relationships:

We are discerning regarding our supplier partnerships, opting for companies that align with our sustainability objectives. Our key supplier and partner list includes Digital Ocean, Mailgun, and Allied Irish Bank.

Digital Ocean:

Digital Ocean prioritizes energy efficiency, using SSD hard drives that consume less energy than alternatives. The company also operates data centers in locations with favorable ambient climatic conditions, resulting in reduced energy usage for cooling systems. Digital Ocean maintain an active ESG policy with a focus on reducing climate impact. You can read their latest sustainability report here.


Mailgun is operated by Sinch and is committed to reducing its impact on the environment, mainly by minimizing data center power use. They deploy power efficient servers and actively participate in recycling programs. Sinch are members of the UN Global Compact and support the Ten Principles for responsible business, which are incorporated into their Code of Conduct. You can read their sustainability report here

Allied Irish Bank:

Allied Irish Bank is committed to reducing their own carbon footprint and committing to being Net Zero by 2030. They are also supporting their customers and communities in their transition to a low-carbon economy with an ambition that green and transition products will account for 70% of all their new lending by 2030. You can read their latest sustainability report here.


At Everhaze, the current size of our operation does not deflect our focus on sustainability. Operating a cloud-based digital model, investing in training and development in sustainability for our staff, and choosing environmentally conscious suppliers, we exemplify responsible growth. As we expand and grow, we strive to become an industry benchmark for sustainable operations in the SaaS industry.